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Did you know that a fear of public speaking is called Glossophobia?  In a recent study done by Speech Topics Help, fear of public speaking ranked as the #1 fear!

Top Ten Fears, in order:
1. Public speaking – Glossophobia
2. Death and end of life – Necrophobia
3. Spiders – Arachnophobia
4. Darkness and twilight – Achluophobia, Scotophobia or Myctophobia
5. Heights, altitude or elevations – Acrophobia
6. People or social situations – Sociophobia
7. Flying in airplanes – Aerophobia
8. Open spaces and squares – Agoraphobia
9. Natural thunder and lightning – Brontophobia
10. Confined spaces or small rooms – Claustrophobia

Wikipedia lists fear of public speaking on their short list of common fears.  The fear seems to be a lot more developed in adults than it does in children, as a 2005 Gallop study of children did not list public speaking as a fear.  This makes sense, as most children do not need to entertain public speaking until the reach teen or early adulthood.  Supporting that claim is a similar study by Joy Burnham in the 2000′s.

More information on how to overcome public speaking anxiety and creating public speaking confidence.


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