While this video isn't done with high quality equipment, I'm willing to get around it because it does a great job of highlighting a lot of the Do's and Don'ts in the art of public speaking.  In a short period of time, this video goes through a lot of the basics. In under three minutes, the video highlights: - Stage Presence - Proper Dress Attire - Engaging Your Audience - Presenting your Read more [...]
Dan Ariely is the leading educator in a field called Behavioral Economics.  The author of several books, Ariely has become a key influencer in bridging the gap between psychology and business concepts.  In his TED talk, Ariely captivates the audience with the findings from various studies of his. Dan Ariely is a great example of the Art of Public Speaking for several reasons: 1. Being Memorable: Ariely Read more [...]
Tony Robbins has long been the standard in motivational speaking.  Robbins is an expert in helping motivate human beings, from athletes to business owners, and everything in between.  And yet, in this TED talk, he speaks about how he doesn't speak on motivation, but on Why.  More importantly, we can see Robbins as a wonderful and captivating public speaker.   Throughout this talk, Read more [...]
Did you know that a fear of public speaking is called Glossophobia?  In a recent study done by Speech Topics Help, fear of public speaking ranked as the #1 fear! Top Ten Fears, in order: 1. Public speaking - Glossophobia 2. Death and end of life - Necrophobia 3. Spiders - Arachnophobia 4. Darkness and twilight - Achluophobia, Scotophobia or Myctophobia 5. Heights, altitude or elevations - Read more [...]
Joe Stumpf helps realtors market their companies. His company, By Referral Only, gives realtors the tools to build a company that operates on referrals only.  In this video, Stumpf goes through his 5-6-7 conversation with a large crowd of people in attendance, and ends up winning over the entire audience of attendees. We can see Stumpf do several things during this talk that exemplify the Art Read more [...]
Simon Sinek is a brilliant author and public speaker.  His book, "Start With Why", has become a best-seller almost overnight.  Sinek became famous with a brilliant 18 minute talk on TED, which is what we're talking about today.  Watch his presentation, and then we'll break down some of the components that makes Sinek such a powerful and impactful public presenter. In this talk, Sinek does Read more [...]
Its no secret that one common trait found in great athletes is the ability to visualize their success. Visualization is a proven psychological action that helps you to succeed. Visualization actually increases the cognitive dissonance in your brain, which forces your brain to find a solution to make the success happen. You can achieve success in the art of public speaking by visualizing success. Visualizing Read more [...]
For the experienced public speaker, getting up on stage often times isn't the problem.  An experienced public speaker knows and understands the basics behind the art of public speaking, and has enough past speeches in front of a crowd of people to feel relatively comfortable standing in front of a crowd of people.  But, in a field of speakers and public presenters, how do you stand out and be memorable Read more [...]
Incorporating humor into your public speaking presentation will allow your audience to enjoy you speech more and, in many situations, actually retain the information with a higher frequency. Humor has always been a wonderful way to make an instant connection with others, and adding humor into a public speech will keep your audience intrigued and entertained. The presenters that have mastered the art Read more [...]
Mastering your public speaking skills is a daunting task, but much of a good presentation can be attributed to well written content.  But where do you start in developing great written content for your business presentation?  The best way to start is by outlining your public speech. The first step in outlining is the Brain Dump.  Begin by writing down everything that is relevant to your topic Read more [...]
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